Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 10: Laguna Beach Ward

Dear friends and family,

This had been a very eventful week! We've seen so many blessings from God and we're super excited for what's to come.
exciting things that happened-
-our car got towed! Ah man it was a nightmare. We failed to read the sign that said we can't park outside our apartment and one day when we went out to leave for the day our car was gone! haha what a mess. But now I know what to do if my car ever gets towed!
-we had the next temple musical devotional night thing. I think they should really come up with a name for those because I never know what to call it and it gets weird. But it went so well! Shawn, who is investigating the church in our ward, came to watch after we begged her for days to come and she loved it! The feeling of the spirit was so strong there. Also my musical number went well even though I was worried about it because my throat felt funny. I prayed really hard before I got up there that no matter how awful I sounded people would hear good things and still be able to feel the spirit and my prayer was answered! Shawn left super fast because she didn't want us to take her on a tour, but we were able to give tours to lots of other people who came and it was so nice.
- we found the nastiest biggest spider ever in our apartment. It was sooo gross...we killed it of course. Can't have that crawling around while we're sleeping or anything like that! The bugs here are different than in Kansas City or in Utah.
-We invited Shawn to be baptized! She didn't really say yes...but she didn't really say no! I think she's slowly starting to see the positive influence that the gospel is having on her life and really feeling God's love for her. She's so great.
-It poured rain 2 days in a row! How crazy is that!? Apparently it's been forever since anything like that has happened. Missionaries who are about to go home say that's the first rain storm they've seen in the whole time they've been here. California needs rain big time and I also love the rain so it was awesome.
-While we were giving temple tours a man stopped at the tent in a rush it seemed like and asked if he could leave this big box under our tent with us while he was in the temple so we were like uhh..ok sure. And as he was hurrying of he was like thank you so much, I just can't leave live animals in the car! hahaha we were like what!?? And we looked in the box and under all these blankets there were a bunch of crazy exotic looking lizards! They were all in little tupperwares with huge price tags on them. We found out later that he and his wife breed and sell them. It was so funny.

Things have been really great lately! I'm loving life here and loving being a missionary. I also love hearing from all of you, so please keep writing to me! :) I hope you all have a great week.

Love, Mariah

Week 9: Laguna Beach Ward

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 8: Laguna Beach Ward

Week 7: Picture only

This is the same as the one mom got sent last night except with the bishop! lol he's too classic. I wish you could come and meet him.