Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 12: Laguna Beach Ward

My dear friends and family-

This week was another good one! I honestly don't remember half the things we did I think because it's been so busy but it's great because we've gotten so much done and seen so much progress made in the work we're doing.

We did a lot of visiting the members of our ward to boost morale and try to get everyone involved in praying and fasting for the people who could get baptized next (this?) month! August 22nd is the plan and we're not entirely sure who's going to end up being baptized that day, but we're planning a baptism and it's totally going to happen. It's been cool to see how even people that we didn't really see it coming from are agreeing to be baptized and progressing so much. Sister Fetui and I have been having a lot more opportunities to share and discuss the gospel with people so it's been awesome.

We have a new investigator! His name is Jesus and he's great. He loved coming to church with us yesterday even though everyone (not us, don't worry) didn't believe he'd show! Sister F and I were anxiously waiting for him to come and church was about to start so we were like alright we gotta go find him, we know he's going to come! so we ran all around the building and went outside and ran all around and there he was! I think he may have been a little uncomfortable and considering whether or not he was going to come so I'm so glad we found him. We're teaching him this week and he's coming to church again next week because he loved it so much.

This morning for our zone activity we went to Big Air (it's a trampoline place- I can't remember if I wrote about it last time we went) and it was so fun. I grow to love the other missionaries more and more the more time I spend with them. Sometimes at activities I think to myself how crazy it is that they send all these goofy 19-20 year olds to preach the gospel, and then I think 1. how much faith God must have in us, and good the gospel is that people will come unto Christ after hearing it through a bunch of kids. I truly do believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that it can and will help any person on the earth who accepts it in this life and in the next. I'm so lucky to have this opportunity to see that happening first hand on a daily basis! Being a missionary is pretty cool.

I love you all very much! Have a great week!

Love, Mariah

contacting at our fav park. we found some girls from Olathe, KS who were taking a bunch of pics so we asked them to take one for us

At that silly quittich zone activity last week. Notice the heinous red shorts. they rode up kind of a usually I don't think they're that short...


Picture from ward member, Susan Dexter.

Week 11: Laguna Beach Ward