Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week 2: Departure from the MTC

Hi hi!! 
I made it to California! There were so many people there to welcome us all when we landed. The president and his wife, a bunch of ladies taking pictures, other missionaries. It was so fun. I'm really excited to be here. Everyone is so happy and excited. 
So I was on that pay phone earlier as you know...I called mom a couple of times for just a second and then as I was trying to call dad I ran out of money so I couldn't talk to him or call Eliza... :( I was so sad. But they're letting us email real fast so that's good. I'm not going to send a group email until next week so I can outline it and everything. I've been livin it up drinking a dt dew I got at the airport! hah it's been a little while. On the plane I was the only missionary sitting alone (as in not next to any other missionaries) so I was planning to talk to whomever sat next to me but I was basically out cold the whole time because we got up so early this morning (2:30!). The flight was easy though. lol I tried to take some dramamine before but I opened up the old thing of it that I had and it was all crushed to powder! Luckily sister Wilk had some. So I've heard there's a facebook page for like missionary moms and stuff from this mission and they're going to post a ton of pictures (I'll for sure be in some) and some videos too! (I sang some songs with Sister Carr and others and I think they'll post them too). So definitely look into that. 

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