Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 4: Laguna Beach Ward

Friends and Family-

This week was so good again! I'm lovin missionary life in Laguna Beach. The people here are so great to work with. things i did this week-

- got home late a lot...we live so far out of our zone that it's almost impossible to be home on time and we have so much to do in the evenings!
-got a ton of sun. my watch tan is ridiculous already!
-went to a new missionary dinner at the mission home. It was so fun to see all my friends from the MTC. While I was there Sister Carr dropped a bomb on me that she volunteered us for a musical number at a huge thing! We'll see how that goes.
-our bishop got Sis. Fetui and I a ukelele so that we can sing and play songs for people! It's been so fun and everyone lets us in if we ask to sing for them. I always sing and sister Fetui plays the uke. We're working on amazing grace and I am a child of God right now.
-had some amazing food! the members here feed us like five star meals every night. It's so fun.
-gave lots of temple tours! because there isn't a visitors center at the Newport Beach temple there aren't sisters that are called specifically to give tours so some of the sisters from our mission do it and Sister Fetui and I get to do them for a few hours twice a week. It's great to meet people there and great to just be on the temple grounds. It's so beautiful and there's a great spirit there.
-today for our zone activity we went to one of those trampoline places called Big Air! (It's owned by a member so we get in free) It was tons of fun and a great work out. The exercise situation here is pretty tragic so it was awesome to be there so long!

I don't even know what else to say because I didn't get a chance to outline my email...but I love you all and I'm praying for you! Have a great week.
Love, Sister Wimmer

S. Fetui and me outside the temple

Special permission to be on the beach for a ward thing... it was awesome to walk in the sand

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